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Although most products have their main design in common, every project requires a unique solution. Except for very small products or products with extreme requirements, all electronic designs are based around one or more microcontrollers or some other form of programmable logic with matching software. To enable communication with the environment, the product needs some kind of interface - either to humans or to other electronic products.


We have experience with all different components of design, including microcontrollers and programmable logic from different suppliers, like Freescale (HC08), Renesas (H8), Atmel (8051 and AVR), NXP (ARM and 8051), Microchip (PIC), TI (ARM) and ST (ARM).

Depending on the microcontroller, we use the most suitable programming language and method available, such as C, C++ and assembly language.

As interface to humans we have experience with different screen techniques (LCD, VFD etc.), sound systems (MP3 etc.) and input methods (touch screen, keyboard etc.).

We have designed communication to other electronic equipment using all common methods, wired or wireless, like Ethernet, CAN, ZigBee, 3G/GPRS, WLAN, USB, RS232, RS485, 4-20 mA and also some less common methods such as IBIS (public vehicle) and DALI (illumination) communication.

If the product is to be used with a PC, we have the capacity for designing the software. We use Visual Studio (Visual Basic .NET or Visual C++) for these cases.


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